• First Bank Debit Card Chip Technology

    A more secure way to pay.

    First Bank's new Debit Card with an embedded microchip allows for greater protection from counterfeit card fraud for in-store transactions. Whenever possible, insert your card for additional security, rather than swipe. However, not all merchants have chip-enabled technology, so your card also still offers the traditional magstripe on the back of the card.

    Using your new Chip Debit Card is Easy:

    image Step 1
    Insert the card, face up with the chip end in the terminal.
    image Step 2
    Leave the card in the terminal and follow the prompts on the screen.
    image Step 3
    Remove your card when prompted or at the end of the transaction.

    The added security on your card is only effective when the card is inserted, not swiped, at chip terminals.

    Make sure you know the PIN for your Chip Debit Card. As merchants convert their card terminals, transactions may process differently. This may impact whether a PIN or signature is required to complete the transaction, as well as whether you may receive cash back.

    Please contact First Bank at 316.283.2600 with questions regarding your new Chip Debit Card.


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