Thank you for considering First Bank to finance your home!

Mortgage financing can be confusing and complex; however, First Bank will make every effort to make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Customers are sometimes unaware of the information that lenders will need to fully process a mortgage application. Because of regulatory requirements and the need for lenders to verify the information provided by customers, First Bank encourages customers to be prepared to provide the following list of items and information during the financing process. Please be aware that it is not necessary for you to provide all of these items upfront in order for First Bank to begin processing your mortgage application.

arrow Social Security Number(s) and other personal information for the application..
arrow Copy of Driver's License or other government-issued ID for all primary borrowers.
arrow Residence address(es) for past two years.
arrow Names and address(es) of each employer for past two years.
arrow Most recent pay stub(s) covering a 30 day period, past two years' W-2s, and past two year's Federal Income Tax Returns..
arrow If self-employed, last two years' personal and business tax returns as well as year-to-date business profit and loss statement.
arrow Last two months' statements for each checking and savings account.
arrow Name of lender, address, account number, balance and monthly payment for each current loan.
arrow Loan information and address(es) of real estate owned.
arrow Estimated value of furniture and personal property.
arrow Proof of homeowner's insurance.





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